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Liverpool Street Overview

Liverpool Street Station. One of the four railway stations featured on the British version of Monopoly has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1874. It was established as a replacement for Bishopsgate station in London and was specifically designed to integrate with the expanding London Underground network. Today, it stands as the third busiest station in Britain, catering to approximately 64 million passengers annually. Liverpool Street serves as a major transportation hub. Acting as the starting point for journeys to various destinations. Including Cambridgeshire, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

Situated near iconic London attractions such as Exchange Square, Old Spitalfields Market, Sky Garden, Brick Lane, and the Tower of London, Liverpool Street is not only a transportation hub but also a central location for exploring the city’s landmarks. Within the station itself, visitors can find notable landmarks like the Great Eastern Railway War Memorial and the Kindertransport Arrival Memorial.

Despite its reputation as a bustling commuter station. Liverpool Street has received acclaim for its innovative modernization efforts, which aim to balance the integration of contemporary elements with the preservation of its rich railway heritage. The station stands as a testament to London’s dynamic history and its ongoing commitment to providing efficient and modern transportation services to millions of passengers each year.

Liverpool station

Station opening hours

Monday:                                  03:10 – 01:03

Tuesday – Thursday:            04:00 – 01:03

Friday – Saturday:                 03:10 – 01:03

Sunday:                                   03:40 – 01:03


By the taxi rank in the station’s central roadway, accessed via Primrose St. Waiting is prohibited.

There is no car park at the station.


Taxi services are readily available outside the Station on Liverpool Street. Additionally, from the concourse level, access to Liverpool Street is facilitated via the lift on the main concourse. Furthermore, for convenience, taxis can be found right outside the station. Moreover, the concourse level provides a seamless connection to Liverpool Street through the lift. In addition, if you prefer, taxis are conveniently stationed outside the Station on Liverpool Street. Furthermore, the lift on the main concourse offers easy accessibility to Liverpool Street. Additionally, the station provides taxis just outside Liverpool Street. Likewise, the lift on the main concourse serves as a direct link to Liverpool Street. Besides, taxis are at your disposal outside the Station on Liverpool Street. Lastly, the lift on the main concourse ensures a smooth transition to Liverpool Street


Buses are located outside the station and are accessible via lift on the main concourse. All Transport for London buses are accessible by step-free access.